Date: 07/18/2015
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Venue: State Theatre
Other act(s): Frostfang, Aionios, Aegea, Thera, Ten High, Tomb of Ligeia

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1. Bitter Pill | download
2. When All Is Said And Done | download
3. Friction
4. King Nothing (Metallica cover)
5. I Bid Thee Farewell
6. Days Go By | download
7. Forget | download

Show Recap:
The months in between this show and the last was far too long for the boys to be on this stage, rocking for the people!!  The Sword & Dagger Fest 2 was running slightly early, so the guys threw in "Friction," previously unplanned!  Friends Aegea were on the bill, as well as the Periphery-like Aionios.  Set closers Frostfang were once again on hand, bringing pure thrash metal!  The guys were stoked to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.  Omar Richardson was once again on hand to capture all the shenanigans on video, and worlds collided as stalwart FTF veteran Mike Ossola showed up to rock with them!!  Chris Shupe from Consinity was also at State Theatre, rocking along with everyone.  The guys quickly got the crowd involved to help them count in "Bitter Pill."  It was rounded out by the last bit of "Breadfan," the Budgie staple popularized by Metallica.  "King Nothing" was rounded out by two phrases of "Enter Sandman," and this was the first time "I Bid Thee Farewell" was pulled out with DM on the bass.  The last time it was played was 07/08/2011, in Sarasota - slightly over four years ago!!  Also, the beginning part of Dream Theater's "As I Am" was sandwiched between the guitar solo and final chorus of "Days Go By."  "Forget" - and the set for that matter - was finished out by an odd groove that reminded the guys of King's X's "We Were Born To Be Loved."  This was truly a memorable night!

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Ben Bowman: Lead guitar, BGVs
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs
Drew Macarthur: Bass