Date: 02/21/2015
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Venue: The Local 662
Other act(s): Frostfang, Drastic Fall, Traitor's Gate

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1. Bitter Pill | download
2. Enemy
3. Burn For You
4. When All Is Said And Done | download
5. Friction
6. Days Go By | download
7. Forget | download

Show Recap:
It was time to stretch the FTF legs for 2015.  The guys were invited to play the Local 662 in downtown St. Pete and tore through a set of classics that had the audience (including members of some of the other bands that evening) clamoring for an encore.  Photographer-in-crime Omar Richardson was on hand to capture the festivities.  Gabe Higgins printed the setlist and then inadvertently left them on the printer, so the boys ended up writing out their setlists!  It was the first time the boys pulled out "Enemy" and dusted it off with Drew Macarthur manning the low-end bass duties.  A great time was had by all!!

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Ben Bowman: Lead guitar, BGVs
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs
Drew Macarthur: Bass