Date: 08/20/2015
Location: Tampa, FL
Venue: The Ritz
Other act(s): The Bridge, Unusual Suspects, The Daily Standups, Sound Waves

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1. Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin cover)
2. Days Go By | download
3. Forget | download
4. King Nothing (Metallica cover)

Show Recap:
Certainly one of the most unique gigs the boys have ever played.  Invited by Ben's company, Peak 10, the guys were chosen to compete with other Tampa tech companies to play covers from the '90s and up.  Slated for four songs, the guys quickly decided to pummel through two covers and originals after hearing the other bands jam through '60s and '70s covers.  Cornhole was played, food was eaten, and drinks were consumed at small tables throughout the Ritz, but the guys still brought it.  They gave it their all, and while not winning (the winners were fortunate to have their respective companies voting for them), they left an indeliable mark on Tampa that evening.  Many new fans and contacts were made, and the guys were satisfied with rocking the Ritz finally, now that Drew Macarthur was in the band.  Now, their sights were set on the next "pummel-fest:" the Local 662 on August 29th.

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Ben Bowman: Lead guitar, BGVs
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs
Drew Macarthur: Bass