Durty Nelly's show

From This Fire is slated to play at Durty Nelly's, Saturday, November 20th!! This show is for the running for 97x's Next Big Thing 10!!!!

FTF hits the stage at 9:15pm - be there!!  The guys need YOUR support to make it to the next level of this contest, so come out and rock with us!!!!

<---- THIS FLYER is clickable - feel free to print up a bunch of 'em and canvas your neighborhood!!  We need YOU GUYS out on the frontlines helping us get the word out and stopping at nothing to SPREAD THE FIRE!!!!

Click HERE to register to vote for the guys on97x's website!!  Just go to the top left-hand corner that says "Join now."  Register, and then click on "Next Big Thing."  There will be a local band section; underneath all the band videos, there's a link that says "Vote Here," and you're done!!

Click HERE for directions.

We hope to see all the FIRESTARTERS at the show!!  We NEED you guys there for this one!!!