97x NBT 10 Voting

Well, the voting is up for 97x's Next Big Thing!!

And we need ALL the FIRESTARTERS to vote once a day.  The contest started yesterday, October, 25th, and goes all the way until November 29th!!

The guys will also be playing Durty Nelly's for a chance to play NBT 10, November 20th at 9:15pm.  There are a lot of variables at work within this contest, and we need all you guys to jump on the bandwagon and BURN IT UP, hahaha!!!!

Click HERE to register to vote for the guys on 97x's website!!  Just go to the top left-hand corner that says "Join now."  Register, and then click on "Next Big Thing."  There will be a local band section; underneath all the band videos, there's a link that says "Vote Here," and you're done!!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You have to vote once a day, so if there's no way for you to set some sort of reminder, just check your Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.  The guys are constantly sending out band updates and reminders for this thing!!!  (Twitter feeds are as follows: DrewBenDerekGabe.)

We thank you guys SO MUCH for the support and for wanting to be a part of this for us!!!!

Now we'll sit back and watch you FIRESTARTERS burn this thing to the ground!!!!