The Mob Rules

...and we're here to let you know it's gonna stay that way! We are truly honored, humbled, and completely stoked to let you guys know we will be playing the Orpheum in Ybor Tuesday, March 19th, warming up the stage for Adrenaline Mob!!

A few lifelong dreams of sharing the stage with some of our heroes are actually coming to pass, and we want all you Firestarters out there to share this momentous occasion with us!!

Adrenaline Mob is Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Neal Morse and countless others), Sir Russell Allen (Symphony X), John Moyer (Disturbed), and powerhouse guitarist-extraordinaire Mike Orlando!!  This is THE SHOW NOT TO MISS!!  Get your tickets right here, right now, from us.  We need YOUR HELP to go in and utterly destroy Ybor City!!

Show starts at 7pm. Tix are $16.50.  Hit us up and we will make you an offer you just can't refuse! ;-)

This show is definitely one for the history books - don't miss it!!

Number of Tickets

1 Ticket $18.00 USD

2 Tickets $35.00 USD

4 Tickets $68.00 USD

End of the World Party!!

Yes, Firestarters, you heard correctly!  We're having an end of the world party, Friday night, December 21st at State Theatre in downtown St. Pete!!  Well, we're pretty sure the Mayans got this one wrong, but whatever - it's an excuse to go absolutely berserk and have a good time rocking out to some great bands!! Some of the best news?  We're giving away EVERY ticket we have for this event for free!!!  YES!!  For FREE!!  Now you've got no excuse, haha!!

Don't be shy - come see what From This Fire is all about - hit one of us up on here, or on Facebook.  We will figure out how to get a ticket to you no matter what.  Even if it means Mr. Owl has to deliver it to you or some sort of carrier pigeon.  Or.....  maybe we'll just leave 'em at will call for ya!!

Hope to see everyone there going crazy!!  We're gonna light the place up, then everyone can die happy!!  Doors open at 7pm, the craziness gets started around 8ish!!  \m/

Click HERE for the FB event page!!

Yes Mr. Owl is real, and he endorsed this message.  

Market on 7th

Hey everyone!!  Our next show is in Ybor at the Market on 7th.  It's been a while since we've jammed there, and we are stoked since we'regonna be rocking with a killer lineup!! Cover is only $7 and we're gonna blow the roof off this place!!  We've got Fight Another Day, A Brilliant Lie, Statewide Drifter, and Donna Lu!

Come out and rock out!!

Hope to see you there!!

Click HERE for the FB event page!!  \m/

Rocking with Saliva

Hey kiddies!!  We've been asked to open for Saliva at the State Theatre on Thursday night, October 18th!!  We are beyond stoked to be playing this show - and we're hoping everyone can forgo their sleep and rest for a Friday to come jam with us!!  We've got tix to sell and can use all the support we can get for this one!! Tickets are $15, doors open at 7pm.  We're sharing the stage also with Sounds of Chaos, so get out there early to rock with all of us!!

Thank you all again - our Firestarters, our family - for your undying support!!  This show is sure to be one for the history books - DO NOT miss it, haha!!  Hit any of us up for tickets; our Paypal button will be up very soon.  See you at the show, and keep rocking!!

See now?

We told you we'd be back at State Theatre soon!  ;-)

Number of Tickets

1 Ticket $15.00 USD

2 Tickets $28.00 USD

4 Tickets $55.00 USD

Last Minute Show

Evans Blue State Flyer
Evans Blue State Flyer

From This Fire is privileged to be playing their "super secret last minute" show this Saturday night, August 4th, at State Theatre in St. Pete!! Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door, so get them now!!  Tell 'em FTF sent you.  We're looking forward to this one, we get to stretch our legs and melt faces once again.  This truly was a last minute thing, as another band unfortunately had to cancel, but we are more than honored for them to ask us to play.

We're stoked about seeing Evans Blue, State Your Cause, and Bobaflex!!  This is definitely NOT the show to miss, so make plans or break the ones you had before, because we're going to rain down the ROCK on downtown St. Pete tomorrow night!!

Click HERE for the event page.

Click HERE for tix.

See you guys at the show!!  \m/

Anvil and the Hammer!

Drew and Gabe were fortunate enough to take part in a phone interview with Wayne from the Anvil and the Hammer podcast!!  Check out the podcast where the trio dig into the depths of the history of the band and the meaning behind some of the FTF songs!! Click the below link for the podcast:


And while you Firestarters are at it, give Anvil and the Hammer a good ol' Facebook like below:




Hey there kiddies!!By now you've probably heard or at least seen that our Kickstarter is now up and running for our frenetic and fanatic Firestarters to contribute to our second album if they so choose!!

Click on the below link to check out the video with Drew and Gabe and have yourself a look at all the awesome awards they've got in store for you!!


And, as if that wasn't enough, the guys have a brand new song called "Friction" they are releasing to celebrate the "commencement" of starting Kickstarter to get the funding for the second album started!!  Click below to enjoy!!


Thank you so much everyone for your continued support!!  It's because of you we're able to do what we do and spread the fire!!!!

-Drew, Ben, Derek, Gabe

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Fubar, Fri, June 8th!!

From This Fire is finally jamming with good buddies VERSE, Friday night, June 8th, in downtown St. Pete!!!! They are rocking at the Fubar, right next to Local 662 and across from State Theatre.  Come out and KILL IT with us!!  There's gonna be a ton of great bands getting loud in that general vicinity, and the best news of all is...

There's NO cover charge that night for the Fubar!!So come out and get yer rocks off for FREE!!

See ya soon!!!  \m/

Here is the ever-present Facebook event link:

97x Backyard BBQ!

The FTF boys are gonna be rocking Jonny Reno's at the downtown St. Pete Pier on Saturday, May 19th for a chance to play the 97x Backyard BBQ the following week.  We need each and every Firestarter to come out and bring friends!!!!  It's YOUR vote that will count toward us having a chance to play this thing - we need you guys more than ever!! FTF is taking the stage at 10:15pm - late enough to where we know you won't be late but prime time to hit the locals with their brand of hard rock and metal!! \m/

Looking forward to rocking with family and friends again!!!  Here's the event link:

Also, voting is every hour, all day, everyday!!  Click on the below link as many times as you can remember and vote for From This Fire!!!

FTF & Filter

We are proud to announce that we will be joining FILTER on stage at the State Theatre Saturday April 21st!  This show is going to be INSANE and will no doubt sell out quick.  Luckily for you guys, we've got your hook up and we've made it really easy for you to buy your tickets right now and have them shipped right to your door.  Limited number of tickets are available on first come first serve basis.  

*Note: Your tickets will now be held at the door on our will call list the night of the show, please bring your photo ID*

Number of Tickets:

1 Ticket $18.00 USD

2 Tickets $35.00 USD

4 Tickets $68.00 USD