Rocking with Saliva

Hey kiddies!!  We've been asked to open for Saliva at the State Theatre on Thursday night, October 18th!!  We are beyond stoked to be playing this show - and we're hoping everyone can forgo their sleep and rest for a Friday to come jam with us!!  We've got tix to sell and can use all the support we can get for this one!! Tickets are $15, doors open at 7pm.  We're sharing the stage also with Sounds of Chaos, so get out there early to rock with all of us!!

Thank you all again - our Firestarters, our family - for your undying support!!  This show is sure to be one for the history books - DO NOT miss it, haha!!  Hit any of us up for tickets; our Paypal button will be up very soon.  See you at the show, and keep rocking!!

See now?

We told you we'd be back at State Theatre soon!  ;-)

Number of Tickets

1 Ticket $15.00 USD

2 Tickets $28.00 USD

4 Tickets $55.00 USD