Wait what?? New show??!?

Hey there, kids! Yes, the rumor is true - we will be joining AEGEAMurder the Crow and Shattered Souls at State Theatre, Friday, March 23rd. We know we've been flying under the radar for quite a while, but that's because we've been hard at work building a studio and now USING said studio for new FTF tunes!! #truestorybro

At any rate, we are more than stoked to be joining this stellar lineup of bands to escape from the studio and shake the dust off!! This might be our only appearance this year, so don't miss out!!

Click here for the FB event page!!

Click here for the FB event page!!

Doors @ 7pm and cost is only $10!!

Click on the flyer for the the trusty FB event page.

Come out and holla at your boys!!