Thank you...

This past weekend has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!!  We certainly couldn't have done it without you.  We were able to completely destroy downtown St. Pete with the help of Chris, T.J., and Jason at State Theatre, and Ryan at Local 662.  With their help, we were able to turn it up to 11 and melt faces!! Much thanks and appreciation to Mark, J-Rock and Patty, Greg Volz, and Steve and Sheri Nicholson.

Next, make sure you check out all our friends who came out in force to lay waste to the city and leave it in a smoldering ash heap:

3rd Nail RisingFull FlightScilterSins AgainstMy Will Be DoneBefore The FalloutAtlas Rising

Be sure to keep eyes on these guys - for sure we'll be hitting up some shows with them in the near future!!

And last but definitely not least - thank you SO MUCH to all our families, friends, and fans that made this entire weekend so memorable.

See you at the next one!!!!

Drew, Gabe, Derek, Ben FTF