Showcase Debriefing

Thank you State Theatre!!

Well, you more than likely know by now, but the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase at State Theatre Sat., Sept. 25th went great for us! We couldn't have asked for a better turnout... so many fans, friends, and family made the trek - and that alone was overwhelming and humbling. It was so awesome to see all you FIRESTARTERS out there getting crazy with us. We also would like to thank Matt LaPlant, of Bieler Bros. Records, Hallena Hinkle, of Nyght Scene Magazine, and all the other panelists and A&R people who had such kind words to say about us. Pics from the show will be up as soon as possible - special thanks to the mighty Mike Ossola for taking awesome photos!!!! To see Mike's review and a preview of a bunch of pics, check out his blog HERE!! Stay tuned - we are in the midst of booking our biggest set of shows yet! We're just getting started, so stay alive and awake and don't forget to SPREAD THE FIRE!!!! Thanks again everyone! - FTF