05/15/2012 - Where Were You Last Week??

Another morning and you’d think it’d dawn bright and clear yet muggy, here in Florida.  But today it’s finally raining.  Finally cooling off the humid weather we’ve had for the past weeks.  And yes – I missed last week and made a bit of a liar out of our “weekly Flog Blog,” but with good reason.  The contents of our spare bedroom of our house has been strewn about the rest of the rooms.  It looks like we’re packing to move.  My weekend was filled with packing boxes, moving them out, and clearing the room to make way for Baby Bell.  Thankfully, Gabe and my friend Adam came over to paint and Adam advised me to jam on guitar while they took care of painting the room (and oddly enough, some questionable dancing, haha).
                So it is an overwhelming time, but also cool: it’s another chapter of my life I’m about to begin.  Things are busier than ever, Lara and I are saving every penny we can – and unfortunately at this point – the 2nd FTF album is on the backburner just for the moment.  The band does have some cool upcoming shows, but whereas my free time was taken up with practicing guitar, working out, watching movies or playing video games, it’s now gonna be focused on my daughter, we should be making her grand entrance sometime in mid-August.
                So that’s why I’ve been strangely absent from the FTF Blog.   thought it was a good enough reason, hopefully you do to, haha!!
                You guys can always check out the local talent – a bunch of bands with whom we’re honored to call friends.  Sunshine & Bullets, Verse, Red Calling, to name a few.  They’ve always been very good to us and supported us and it’s humbled us as a band and as friends.  So we’d definitely be amiss to not at least promote their shows.  We wanna spur you guys to get out there and support this Bay Area scene!!!!
                But don’t think FTF is lying dormant and hibernating: we’re still in the running for the 97x Backyard BBQ: the contest that will culminate with us jamming at Jonny Reno’s at the downtown St. Pete Pier.  Right now, the number to beat is 129.  It’s a lofty goal, but if we get 130 votes, we’ve won the “in-person” voting!  And we’re very focused on our next move as far as shows and the album.  We are saving our money to hit the studio – it’s just taking a little longer than expected since one of the bandmates and his wife is still expecting…  ;-)
                Our vision and focus hasn’t shifted in the least for our mission – we’re just taking the “scenic roundabout” right now.  We’re also still getting together our final ideas for our Kickstarter campaign – so hopefully that’ll go live here in the next few weeks or so.  We also have another recording opportunity coming up in one of the first weekends in June that we’re stoked about!!
                So the bottom line really is – we’re asking for all our FTF family and friends to keep us in prayer to reach the goal that is set out before us.  Let’s hook up in this – leave a comment below if you guys need prayer for anything and we will add it to our list.  Because in the end, after the band is done playing and the curtain goes down, we’re left with nothing except our relationships.  And we in FTF know – above all else – we want to cultivate those relationships and make them grow.
                You’re the reason we can keep doing this!!!
                Until next time, don’t forget to dance in the storm, er, well, maybe start dancing once you’re intoxicated on paint fumes, haha!!
Drew Bell, 05/15/2012