Date: 12/03/2010
Location: Tampa, FL
Venue: The Crowbar
Other act(s): Particle Effect, The Almighty North, The Gravesiders

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1. Days Go By | download
2. When All Is Said And Done | download
3. With You | download
4. Good For Nothing | download
5. Inject Me | download
6. Dreams | download
7. I Am Crucified | download
8. Forget | download
9. Never Fade Away | download
10. Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 (Savatage cover)

Show Recap:
FTF rocked it up at The Crowbar in Ybor City with progressive "Rush-like" Particle Effect, punkish and energetic The Almighty North, and Misfits'-inspired The Gravesiders.  It was freezing outside but heavy and hot on the inside as the metal got underway.  Only the second time "Forget" was played live and "I Am Crucified" was pulled out and dusted off.  J-Rock had asked the band to choose a Christmas song for their upcoming Riverview show at Whiskey Dicks, and the guys thought of none other than "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  The guys rehearsed it and got their version down in two practices.  They were so excited to jam on it that they couldn't wait, and premiered it early at The Crowbar!

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Ben Bowman: Lead guitar, BGVs
Derek Fair: Bass
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs