Date: 05/08/2010
Location: New Port Richey, FL
Venue: Christ Fellowship Church
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1. When All Is Said And Done | download
2. Bitter Pill | download
3. With You | download
4. You Never Know | download
5. Another Chance | download
6. Savior | download
7. Do You Know | download
8. I Am Crucified | download
9. Inject Me | download
10. Days Go By | download
11. Never Fade Away | download


Show Recap:
This show was a "repayment" of sorts.  FTF jammed this block party at Ben Bowman's church, happy to rock up a show to "pay" for "services rendered" by Ben's father just one week prior for running sound at Straub Park.  Standing in the blistering sun, the guys had to shorten the set again.  Cut were "Tear Me Down," "I Bid Thee Farewell" - the two new ones, and a "new" new one, "Myopia," a heavy, proggy insane-fest that has yet to be played.  This last tune is actually a bit old, having been written and played by Drew in a previous band.

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Ben Bowman: Lead guitar, BGVs
Derek Fair: Bass
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs