Date: 04/24/2009
Location: Tampa, FL
Venue: The Warehouse at Element Church
Other act(s):

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1. Bitter Pill | download
2. When All Is Said And Done | download
3. With You | download
4. You Never Know | download
5. Never Fade Away | download
6. Inject Me | download
7. My Rock | download
8. I Am Crucified | download

Show Recap:
The second show From This Fire played as a three-piece, and the first for Rich Party Productions.  Located at The Element at The Warehouse, a church in Tampa, FL, the church was literally in a warehouse.  A pretty cool venue, to say the least.  The band wound up with extra time, so they were able to squeeze in "My Rock."

Drew Bell: Lead Vocals, guitar
Brian Bell: Bass, vocals, BGVs
Gabe Higgins: Drums, BGVs