Hard Rock Live 08/12!!

What's up, crazy Firestarters??!?!?!??  If you've been keeping up with us on Facebook, Twitter, or just in general HAVEN'T been living under a rock, by now you know we're playing once again at the prestigious Hard Rock Live stage in Orlando!! The best part is, if you're 21 and up, the show is FREE with a ticket!!  18-20 is $6, but it's $10 if you don't have a ticket.  So what are you waiting for??  Hit us up for tickets!!!!

Email us at fromthisfire@gmail.com, and we'll getcha the tix.  Hurry!!  Time's running out!!

We're gonna be joining our buddies Seven Years Past, as well as some awesome FL acts: Say Never, and Midsummer's Fire!!  Come on out for a GREAT night of RAWK!!!!

And for you slightly insane FTFer's, you can click and print the flyer to the left here to get the word (and FIRE) out even further!!

Hope to see ya at the show!!!!

July 23rd Double-Header


Saturday night, June 23rd, FTF is pulling a crazy double header!! First, it's The Ritz, in Ybor, then we pack up and head down to St. Pete, to the Local 662 to join our friends 3rd Nail Rising, for their long-awaited CD release party!!

So, don't be shy - come hitch a ride with us where you can, and ROCK with us!!

The Ritz Tickets! Click here for tix!! we have a promotional code 'Fire' so tix are only $6 instead of $10

Local 662 Tickets!

Number of Tickets

1 Ticket $8.00

2 Tickets $15.00

4 Tickets $28.00

If you purchase tickets online for the Local 662 show, your ticket will be held at the door on the night of the show.  Come to the venue with I.D. in hand!!

Click here for shows!!

Hot Ticket Pub 06/18

Saturday night, June 18th, FTF is rocking the Hot Ticket Pub in Clearwater!! Come out, hang out, rock out - whatever you do, get to this venue for the longest set of originals and covers the guys have done!! And while you're at it, hang at the Pub and have some great food and chill with the FTF boys!! Hope to see you there - there are no tickets, and NO cover charge!!!!

Jannus Live 5/13

Yes, the rumors are finally true!! From This Fire is going to finally be rocking Jannus Live this weekend, 05/13/2011, opening the show for the Candlebox tour!!  We, of course, have your tix, without all the pesky convenience charges: only $15!!

We're not stopping there, though; Saturday night we're heading down to Jake's Tavern in Sarasota to play for a chance to open for Nonpoint!!

So don't despair: we've got your back in St. Pete AND Sarasota this weekend.  Come out and support us and assist us in rocking it up!!

Print this nifty little flyer right here to your left and litter your home area, work area, and general travel areas with it!!!!

See all you guys out there!!

Number of Tickets

1 Ticket $15.00

2 Tickets $28.00

4 Tickets $50.00

This Weekend...

OK kiddies!! Two new shows for you to come out and go crazy and break your neck at!!!!

Friday night, Apr. 8th, catch us live in downtown St. Pete at the Local 662!!  Can't make it down that far 'cause you live in Tampa??  Well NO WORRIES, because we are invading the Brass Mug in Tampa for the first time ever!!

Come hang with us and help us melt the faces off the poor unsuspecting populace as we aim to swing the mighty hammer of METAL down this weekend!!

Feel free to print this flyer and tell all your crazy friends!!  We need YOU AND THEM at these shows going berserk with us!!

See you FIRESTARTERS out there!!

Thank you...

This past weekend has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!!  We certainly couldn't have done it without you.  We were able to completely destroy downtown St. Pete with the help of Chris, T.J., and Jason at State Theatre, and Ryan at Local 662.  With their help, we were able to turn it up to 11 and melt faces!! Much thanks and appreciation to Mark, J-Rock and Patty, Greg Volz, and Steve and Sheri Nicholson.

Next, make sure you check out all our friends who came out in force to lay waste to the city and leave it in a smoldering ash heap:

3rd Nail RisingFull FlightScilterSins AgainstMy Will Be DoneBefore The FalloutAtlas Rising

Be sure to keep eyes on these guys - for sure we'll be hitting up some shows with them in the near future!!

And last but definitely not least - thank you SO MUCH to all our families, friends, and fans that made this entire weekend so memorable.

See you at the next one!!!!

Drew, Gabe, Derek, Ben FTF

Local 662 tonight!!

The show last night at State Theatre was phenomenal!!  All the support from everyone who came out made it truly memorable!!  But, if it wasn't enough to leave State Theatre in a smoldering ash heap, we're back again to destroy the Local 662 tonight for ScreamFest!! Local 662 is right across the street from State Theatre at 662 Central Ave.  We'll be tearing it up with:

- My Will Be Done - Before The Fallout - Atlas Rising

$10 at the door - come out and witness a scene of annihilation!!

RSP Album of the Year!

We are proud to announce From This Fire's debut album has been named "Album of the Year" by J-Rock and Patty of the Rock Solid Pressure radio show!!

We are honored and humbled to have taken this award and give huge amounts of thanks, gratitude and respect to J-Rock and Patty and all of the bands who placed this year!!  We especially want to thank all the bands that took part in the showcase with us and all the other local bands who are out there androckin' right along with us!!

We're stoked that our friends As Bridges Burn had their song "Come Back" in the top five most requested songs on Rock Solid Pressure in 2010!!  Check those guys out if you haven't already!!

Again, thank you all for your support - we are looking to 2011 with excitement and fire - and looking to destroy with bone-crushing riffs!!  In a good way, of course,hahaha!!!

See you all in 2011 - have a wonderful New Year.

Gabe, Drew, Derek, Ben - FTF